Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sitting Blindfolded in a Church

I think someday I should tell my Youth Group leader Bob how much he's inspired me in just three weeks.

Or not.

Either way, he does inspire me.


Other times he scares me.

Once he tied me to someone.

But, anyway...

Last nights topic was about TRUST...more specifically, trust in God.

That could have been a fairly boring topic had it not been for Bob's total enthusiasm for this sort of thing.

First, he blindfolded a person and assigned one person to lead them to an object.

Everyone else (myself included) was to try and lead them AWAY from it.

My group may have been a BIT scary, because the guy who did it first curled up on the ground to hide from us.

Anyway....after that, we did a really cool, inspiring thing.

We all sat down far apart from each other in the church.

Than Bob ordered us to blindfold ourselves.

We sat for a while, just sitting prayerfully.

Than, people would come up to us and read a promise of God's faithfullness to us from the Bible.

And me, being me, got this image in my mind....

Someone is sitting, blindfolded and bound, and they don't know where they are.

(This is a mental image....I don't have all the details, either!)

Every so often, someone comes past them and whispers something.

The idea I had is this person needs to decide what voice they should trust and follow, and who they need to be afraid of.

Some of the things they hear are wonderful, hopeful, pleasant, or kind.

Other things are threatening, frightening, evil, or wrong.

They make the wrong choices at first, following blindly those who are leading them to harm.

Or maybe this person's feet are bound....they can't move.

I had both ideas.

Its actually really creepy...

But that's what came into my head.

The conclusion of this very odd image in my head was finally, finally, the person realizes who to trust, and the story ends well.

Or maybe the story has a horrible ending, in which the person either despairs all hope or is lead to their doom.

I don't know, either.

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