Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Writers Block

Do you know how AGONIZING writer's block is!?!?!?

If you don't, you are insanely lucky.

I am all too familiar with the feeling of being without one's muse. *dies*

It really, really, REALLY stinks. It almost always happens after this artistic high. You've got tons of ideas, everything is flowing, you feel like you are a bottomless pit of creative energy and talent.

And than....


You're suddenly staring at blank pages, unable to come up with a SINGLE idea.

And its not just WRITING.

It effects EVERYTHING.

Like a virus.


Only worse!

I would like to say something about muses. A 'muse' is anything that inspires you. And mine appears to have taken a six month vacation off in the Bahamas.

(Stupid muse...)

You want to do some painting?

Good luck finding anything in the deepest corners of your brain TO paint.

Trying to come up with a new plot?

May as well forget all your dreams of fame and fortune as a writer.

Want to draw cartoons?

Ptfh. You have fun with are your negative idea status.

Want to write a fun, entertaining blog post?

You just know you're going to end up writing about...


Mm hm.

I suppose it could be could be forced to chew your own hand off to escape unjust imprisonment and death.


Of course, writers block does pass.



I suppose this writers block would explain why all i've had to talk about the last several posts is my opinion on media.

So, lets all hope this writers block goes away soon.

I shall inform you when my muse returns from the Bahamas.



  1. I don't get writers block since I only write when I have inspiration... but I do get artist block. -.- It's like . . .where did all my ideas go?!?!? It usually happens to me in summer. During school my brain is full of many creative things (not school, mind you).

    Ohhh and I have a muse! It's name is music.

    Ok, I'm done spamming your blog with comments now. *whistles* Sawwy.

  2. I don't get writers block, since I usually don't write, but I get school block! LOL. I'll be able to do lots of school for a couple of days and then after that my brain simply won't function -.-

  3. ELLA!!! *hug* Lucky...i am so very artistically inclined, writers block is TORRRRTURE XP

  4. I get school block too, Ella. Hate that. :P

  5. At least I am not alone in my school block. lol. I have all-I-wanna-do-is-read-poetry-itis today -.-