Thursday, September 9, 2010

7 Things About Today...

Wow. Only 2:58 and today has been really crazy and awesome.

(Yes, i am fond of using '7', NO i don't like that song, i'm making fun of it!! mwahaha...)

1. I'll guess we'll start at midnight last night.

I was awake STILL. I had just stayed up will 11 watching an awesome movie with my sisters and mom:
This was a GREAT movie. A chick-flick, yes, but very awesome. And i must say....Marc Blucas isn't at all bad looking.
The plot was totally unpredicatable and it ended not at all the way i assumed it would!

And now for some reason my blog won't let me go back to left alignment. Well than. Fine.

2. Breakfast was blueberry muffins and Specials, which i still have not finished. I'm slow. Be patient, M&M.

3. Math was very amusing. For some reason, they decided i needed little men to explain the direction of a slope.
Not that i'm complaining...they're very cute.

4. The Aeneid. Wow. That is some really....GREAT literature *cough*sarcasm*cough*
I don't understand why i should read it, but Kolbe Academy home schooling requires it, so there you go. Actually, i enjoy it (better than HISTORY) but its very weird...for example:
Ye-eah. Real intense stuff.

5. The weather is BEAUTIFUL and windy with occasional sprinkles, but never opressive! LOVELY!


7. New music from my good friend's blog!!! LISTEN...Boston by Augustana! THANK YOU SO MUCH, GIRLS!!! *hug*

Man...this center allignment is annoying. Hopefully my next post won't look all weird like this, but thank you for reading!!!


  1. Every time I go to your Blog, must 7 Things get stuck in my head???

    Glad you like "Boston" ^.^ Its one of my favorites, especially for piano playing.

  2. "Boston" is awesome, and so is the Aeneid! X)