Sunday, September 12, 2010

Particularly Perfect Pie

Have you ever had any Particularly Perfect Pie???
I had some today.


It was the kind of pie made out of pudding and Cool Whip and grahm cracker crumbs.

Banana cream pie.


One of the ladies from my church made it.

That pie, along with hotdogs, patato chips, scalloped patatoes, etcetera, was very lovely.

Not to mention the beautiful breeze blowing through the park and watching guys get an amusing amount of thrill from throwing a football back and forth.

Twas a small slice of heaven...both the moment, and the pie ;-).

However, my small slices of heaven were marred by one of those totally-not-on-purpose epic fails, in front of a lot of people.

It was very windy today, and we were eating off picnic tables.

My younger sister let go of her plate.

That plate flew up and smacked me straight in the face.

And stayed there.

Because i was too shocked to pull it off.

My mother loudly declared she wished she'd caught it on camera.

So, how was your Sunday?

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