Friday, September 3, 2010

Music That Moves Me

I kind of dread people asking me what music i like. Because i like most genres (Christian, worship, pop, rock, DJ and dance, country, etc), but sometimes i can't even say what ARTIST from that genre i like! I love individual songs. But i have current favorites, and i would just like to share them because its epic music, and, seriously, who DOESN'T love music?

I have a very open mind about music (MOST of the time...). If i've had bad experiences with certain types of music, my always/never brain will imediatly deduce that i hate said type of music.

But i try to be optimistic, and that's how i've found some of my all-time favorite stuff!

Favorite bands:

- Reliant K. NEVER get tired of them. So awesome. The lead singer has the BEST voice! Current fave by them: So Hate Consequences.

- Owl City. Hmmm...Adam Young <3 <3 <3 some of my altime favorite songs are by him! On the Wing, Dear Vienna, Hot Air Balloon...on and on : )

- Keith Urban. Oh, dude. He who wrote Making Memories of Us will forever have a special place in my heart.

- Brad Paisley. I have yet to meet someone who HATES this guy. He's so cute, and he writes the sweetest songs. Little Moments...<3

- BTR. Yeah, i had a post about them. They're a tv boy-band, what can i say? My favorite song by them is City is Ours.

- Caedmons Call. Oldies but epic-ies lol. The Emptiest Day.

- Poema!!! Newest band i'm of the day before yesterday lol. SO. AWESOME. The two girls have beautiful voices and are so talented. 2 AM, Echo Off the Sky, Blue Sweater. Blue Sweater tends to make me sad because it reminds me of people i miss, and is so what i'm feeling :'( BUT I LOVE IT!
That's not ALL the music i'm into/love, but its a start. Look up these singers and songs, and see what you think!
Who knows...i may just have introduced you to music that moves you.

(Please note: I WANTED to post links for all these songs/bands, but i simply do not have time. That's what Google  is for.)


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