Monday, September 6, 2010

The Ninjas! They're Back!!!

Good heavens!

What are they up to NOW!?!?

It appears that they are using their superior intellect to stand on top of each other to reach something of great value!

What could it be?
I also note the AT&T cell phone and pen beside them.

Previous loot?
Who knows?

One thing for sure, you must watch out!
Those minjas are in the loose!!!

Check all shoes and socks before inserting feet.

Peer into purses, wallets, and anything with a dime-sized opening before going out.

Don't think about taking one SWIG out of that cup before you examine it for mini-ninjas!!


Minjas are very sneaky, but love sweets. If you wish to get rid of the minjas, remove all sweetie goodness from your house and put it outside.

The minjas will leave.

Do not buy any new sweets of any kind for a week, or you may run the risk of having the minjas re-enter your home.

1 comment:

  1. Me and Kayla decided Ninjas shouldn't be pink.

    But g o s h those are cute. ^.^