Wednesday, September 1, 2010

7 Things I Hate About Mowing

1. Allergies.

2. The muffler fell off the lousy thing and now it sounds like rapid gunfire when its running.

3. Bugs, snakes, toads, mice, and other things that happen to be where I'm mowing.

4. Filling the mower with gas and getting the gas on your hands and being all grossed out and washing your hands, but they STILL smell like gas even though you rinsed and re-scrubbed 3 TIMES.

5. The fact that the mower is NOT self-propelled.

6. We have over 3 acres of land to mow, and only one, non-self-propelled (as mentioned) mower.

7. Hitting things, clogging the mower, or doing something epicly stupid (like tipping the mower over to unclog it...yeah.)

That's all.


  1. Ouch... sorry! A non-self propelled mower is a v e r y bad thing! Good luck with all that mowing....

  2. Allergies. -.- BLECH. Everytime I mow I get a rash on my legs and get horrible sinus headache.

    Now you need to post 7 things you like about mowing, Clare-la! lol.