Sunday, January 16, 2011

Driving Through the Snow

Today I had some driving practice with my dad.

Needless to say, I found the prospect of this both thrilling and horrifying.

I'm not a HORRIBLE driver, but I'm certainly not a CONFIDENT or EXPERIENCED driver.

(My younger sister will disagree with me and assure me that its really just that I'm a HORRIBLE driver. I only swerved purposefully ONCE!!!)


I got into The Monstrous Green Thing (also known as The Family Suburban).

I was so proud of myself that I actually BROUGHT my permit with me! Now, if I did anything terribly stupid and got pulled over, I could AT LEAST smugly assure the officer I was indeed driving legally.

Fired the beast up.

AND I DID IT!!! I drove a (ok....ALMOST) flawless practice run!!

In my defence, my dad had me drive places I have never been before (which is ridiculous because our town is like, one of the smaller towns in the state...I doubt even I could get hopelessly lost in there and never find my way out), and I hadn't driven in a while.

But WOW!

I had no idea practice really paid off that well! I could actually turn into the CORRECT LANE!!! How exhilarating!

All my friends and siblings are at this point rolling their eyes, laughing hysterically, yawning and scrolling down to see if I've posted anything more interesting, or all of the above.


  1. Oh I'm not laughing at you. We've all been there! haha

  2. Oh! I was laughing! I didn't scroll down though, because I had already read the last post. lol jk