Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today: Should I Laugh Or Cry??

I have no idea.

I woke up in time to say goodbye to my big sister and my NET big sister, which I had really REALLY wanted to do but was convinced I wouldn't.

Laugh or cry?


School started back up and I did NOT bomb history OR French!

Laugh or cry?

Well, since its over....laugh.

I sort of kind of (IT WASN'T MY FAULT!!!) broke the faucet....the thingy just FELL OUT of the spout!!!!

Laugh or cry?

Neither. Casually saunter past and pretend you don't know what happened.

(I...didn't really do that. I fetched my younger brother and unloaded the responsibility on him because he actually knows how to fix a sink, unlike myself)

My hair looks dreadful!

Laugh or cry?

Well.....laugh? Cry? I don't know. Its not HORRENDOUS....I just hope I can make it look decent before leaving the house.

And the worst blow of all......

They have animated the Kratt brothers. BECAUSE THEY'RE OLD NOW!!!!!! *SOB*

Laugh or cry?

Cry. Especially after I saw Chris's hair! It was horrifying. They can't be OLD! But alas...they are.

So, that was my day so far.

Laugh or cry?

Laugh. Life is good. : )

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