Saturday, January 15, 2011

What I Totally Love About Being An Author....

Well, there a lot of things I totally love about it, but here's a BIG one!

When you have an idea that you TOTALLY love, but it suddenly fizzles out (both the story and your enthusiasm for it) and you abandon it.

HOPEFULLY, like me, simply because you HAD the darned idea in the first place, you wrote it down in the heat of the moment.

Flash forward hours, days, months, maybe even years---


You are flipping through Notebook Of Inspiration #5 (or is it #6?), and you come across this idea again! There it is...your awesome title (in this case, Dancing Bears), your characters who you even bothered to draw and color in (gosh they look awful, but with improvement...), and the basic plot line...FILLED WITH THE DREADED PLOT HOLES!!!!

*Dramatic horror movie music*

And than.....

It comes to you.

The missing pieces just suddenly FALL OUT OF THE HEAVENS!!!

You start to get all hyped up again!

You change the premise a bit!

You decide to set it on a differant planet!

The light it starting to shine!!!!


You hit another plot hole.

Oh, gosh.

Fortunately for me, my fire for this story was very thouroughly reignited.

I am trying to think my way out of the puzzling plot holes.

I'm striving to peer around the corners and see what these characters will do, since I love it when they take on a life of their own.

Maybe someday I will actually get all the plot holes filled in.

My characters will be unique, lovable, and relatable (and funny. ALWAYS funny!)

And maybe, just maybe, I will actually write a book called Dancing Bears.

Meanwhile, I'm sorry, Anna, I still can't tell you what its about yet, simply because even I don't know!

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