Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I am a person who learns the hard way.

Like...for instance:


I learned this the hard way....looking back, some of that stuff I trashed could have been halfway decent if I had plastered a band aid on all its scrapes, gave it a lollipop, and patted its head.

To prevent this from happening again, I started writing stuff down in notebooks.

They became known as 'Notebooks of Inspiration'.

Oh yeah.

And so far, I have roughly SIX of them. I say roughly because I ripped out all the pages of one (or...two?) and stuck them in a file folder for easier storage.

Anyway, allow me to introduce my good friends:

Notebook of Inspiration #1~

Notebook of Inspiration #2~

Notebook of Inspiration #3~

Notebook of Inspiration #4~

Notebook of Inspiration #5~

Random File Folder of Inspiration~

And last but CERTAINLY not least...

Notebook of Inspiration #6~

This is my favorite one so far because of the sheer SIZE of it, and its cool. Only one thing I don't love... the cover is all shiny, so, despite using permanent marker, my cool 'Burning Heart' thingy will rub off if I touch it. Very annoying, but hey.

In these 6 notebooks, 1 file, and countless other little random computer documents and scraps of paper, are where I store my inspiration. I write down EVERYTHING. You never know...something awesome might sprout from the mediocrity.

I love my notebooks. I love looking back over my ideas and smiling, wincing, laughing, and crying.

When the muse grabs ya, you gotta write it down SOMEWHERE.

This is where I write it : ).

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