Friday, January 7, 2011

Grave Dissapointment.

Have you ever experienced this GRAVE DISSAPOINTMENT I speak of?

If you had, you know how it feels.

Major, awesome plans!

Everything perfect!

The sun is shining!

Its hopeful!
Its EPIC!!!

And suddenly...


All those plans, GONE.

That happened to me yesterday...and today...and will happen tomorrow.

I learned yesterday that, because of a wave of the stomach bug going around, I can't go do something I'd been looking forward too all last month and this month.

Today, I had to tell a friend I wouldn't be there.

Tomorrow, I'll know that I'm NOT THERE.


Such is life.

Stuff will fill the gap.

I painted Rapunzel from the movie Tangled today! It turned out pretty good...though Rapunzel looks more like our friend Liz than RAPUNZEL....but hey.

Tonight I'll babysit three little kids, make some money, harrah harrah and all that jazz.


Well, hopefully tomorrow I can call some friends, live my life, be awesome...

And go on despite the Grave Dissapointment.

Ignore the Deep Regret.

If you suffer, or have suffered Grave Dissapointment, know I feel your pain.

Eat some ice cream (just not too much, or you'll end up with a stomach ache, like myself).

Do something you LOVE!

Call all your friends till SOMEBODY answers and you can just talk about nothing till you feel better.

And smile.

Life is gravely dissapointing, but its also sweet. : ).


  1. Know that you're not the only gravely disappointed this weekend. siggh.

    Life goes on.

  2. Oh dear...whats your dissapointment, sister??????

  3. general cancellations... but it turned out to be a pretty good weekend. ::) Instead of spending money I got to e a r n money and now I'm halfway paid for steubenville this summer. ::D

  4. Oh thats awesome! Congrats :)