Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Princess and the Frog: Eh...

Truthfully, this movie confused me. I might be the only person who found it confusing, but...I did.

As I do not believe in spoiling movies for people who have never seen them (even though this movie came out a while ago and I'm just the type who waits till its on DVD at the library in most cases), I won't give away the ending or any super important plot points, just so you know.

Tiana was fine. She was...spunky. And cute. Beautiful (ALL Disney princesses are beautiful, so that's a given). I liked her voice. She has a lot of heart and loyalty. She was almost TOO gritty for me. Totally self-sufficient in every respect. That gets annoying after a while.

Naveen is not a winning name, but I liked him. He had a great accent, he was funny, he was romantic. So basically he was your average 'too perfect to be true' prince with some attitude problems.

The villain was SO incredibly creepy. He scared ME, sitting in my living room with my mom and sisters!!! I actually grabbed Meg's arm a couple times. It was freaky.

The songs were good, there was an epic death of a lovable main character, the aligator was amusing.

I think I counted four or five totally stupid and pointless scenes.

On a scale of 1-10, we could only give it a 4...maybe 5.

It was cute.

Alas, the best it can do is 'Eh....OKAY' when it comes to overall movie. I enjoyed it, and yes, TOTALLY LOVED some parts (the attempted proposal win), but still, overall....the bad guy took a lot of awesomeness out of that movie by making us all scream and shudder.

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