Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lifehouse Shoutout!

The Lifehouse 'Everything' Skit.

Oh yes.

I would just like to declare my undying love for the band Lifehouse, my particular favorites among their songs being All In, Falling In, Broken, and of course, Everything : ). They have such amazing and beautiful music, and I totally appreciate the message of their songs.

I would also like to thank Chris W., for playing this video for the Youth Group. It made me cry, but in the good way.

And peace out to my older sister, who got to play a role in the Lifehouse Everything Skit last summer (not in this video, no...bummer, right?).

A word about the skit, if you so choose to watch it: Its very deep, and very symbolic. You have to look a little deeper than just the motions and the words...you have to put it together and pay attention to the details. Its a little violent, but in the dramatic, awesome way.

Basic message that I am probably failing to send in this blog post: Jesus saves. Not when we think He should, but when we need him most.

Enjoy : )

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