Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Things that should one day go in a book from my life...

1. Today I decided my career of choice would be to design tissue boxes. No, seriously! Have you ever looked at a tissue box and thought, "Great grasshoppers....that is the ugliest atrocity known to mankind!"? Or...something along those lines, anyway. My goal would be to design truly pleasant and epic-looking tissue box patterns! I wonder if I could sign a deal with Kleenex? Alas, a Google search proved fruitless.

Why this should go in a book: Because I just know you're having trouble believing I actually have any desire to design tissue boxes. Its the truth, but because its really outrageous, it would make a fantastic life-goal for a book character!

2. I desperately wish to take a piece of chalk, walk down to Main Street, and write on the sidewalk in front of both of the local bars, right at the door, "One should remain sober enough to praise wine." - G. K. Chesterton.

Why this should go in a book: You probably don't believe I literally have this nagging urge to do THAT, either. Also true. That's the sort of thing book characters with personality do. And hey, I live in a small town. Sidewalk chalk provides a lot of entertainment.

3. I was walking down the hall, staggered into the wall, and broke my watch strap clean off the watch itself today.

Why this should go in a book: That is the kind of poor coordination that is just sad. For some reason I tend to stumble into walls with alarming frequency, and book characters just thrive on clumsiness!

So. That would be my life. And that's just today!

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