Saturday, August 6, 2011

Childhood Fuzzies

Do you have any special, particularly fuzzy material goods from your childhood?

I sure do.

There is a funny story about my Blankie (which, yes, was creatively named Blankie). My mom was making it for my baby cousin, Zach. She had it all cut out and pinned together, but before she could sew it, I took it out of her sewing box and cuddled up with it, pins and all.

She took it away and stuck it back in the sewing box.

I took it back out and cuddled it some more.

So, finally, she said, "Ok, you can have it, but let me sew it first!"

So, I have had for about 13 years of my life, a boy-themed, small square blankie that was meant for my cousin.

(If you're wondering, Zach still got one. Mom made him a knew one.)

And let's just say...its a little LOVED.


THE BLANKIE. I took it out to look fondly at it (I do this every once in a while), and was amazed at how many rips and worn spots there are on this poor little quilt!

And than, there is, of course, the Teddy Bear.

Every child should have a teddy bear. It should be a law.

My beloved bear, Oatmeal, has been with me since I was two. And he's quite loved himself!

Naaaawww...isn't he cute?

He has a permanent place on my bedside table, where he can be grabbed and randomly hugged whenever necessary. I love him very much.

Both of these things will be with me till they crumble to dust. I love them both. They are the two things I loved most as a little girl, and I will never lose the peace and happiness that comes with the memory of being small enough to curl up on (or under) my Blankie, with Oatmeal tucked under my arm.

I love childhood fuzzies. 


  1. Ah, yes. Childhood fuzzies. My huge stuffed bear named... wait for it... Big Bear. Yep, I was a creative child, too :) For years, he sat in the corner of my room, untouchable. Then, I asked if I could have him down and he has been on my bed ever since. I agree. Every child should have a teddy bear.