Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ponderings on a Disney Princess, Part 1*

Snow White

Snow White is a cool Disney princess, but also a sadly under-developed one. Because she was the very first Disney princess (not to mention the first animated film for crying out loud), I feel she didn't get to rise to her full potential. She gets kind of lost in a sea of childlike singing with animals and little old men. However, in the original fairy tale (by which, YES, I judge all Disney Princesses and their movies), she IS only a nine year old girl when she moves in with the dwarfs.

Personality rating:
Its really hard to rate a princess with such a small window of personal traits, but I'd say, on a scale of one to ten (one being 'I can't stand this grating female' and ten being 'I WISH I COULD BE HER!!!'), she gets a 4.5. She's just too sweet at times, but she has this great maternal, almost bossy side.

Movie overall:
For the first animated film ever, Snow White is incredible. The plot is impressive and well-developed.

Supporting characters:
The dwarfs NEVER fail to make me roll around on the floor laughing.

The queen is just creepy, but she truly is evil, which is most refreshing. She's not really too amazing as far as villains go, but she totally became the stereotype of sorts, paving the way for future villains.

Alas, Snow White's prince not only has no personality, no lines (other than a random song here or there)...he did not even get a name. Very sad. On the scale of prince-ness (one being 'no comment' and ten being 'WHY CAN'T HE BE REAL SO I CAN MARRY HIM!?!?'), he gets...maybe a 3? He does have a nice cape.

I am in the process of re-writing the story of Snow White, and because the movie is so iconic, I admit a lot of themes automatically slip in from there while I'm writing. But my main goal in re-writing it is to give Snow White a true, authentic personality. I love the fairy tale so much, and I don't think that Disney ruined the story or didn't give it justice. I just wish that Snow White could have been retold on screen a little later in history, where she could have had far more speaking parts and far more fun! Disney has never even made another short animated story about Snow White, which seems to indicate to me that Snow White was such a glorious crown for Disney, they felt her story was complete. That's not bad, its just very final. I think Snow White is so much bigger than that...so much more.

Favorite line:
"Soon she'll be tying your beards up with pink ribbons and spraying you with...PERFOOM!"

* This post and all similar posts may be classified as pointless ramblings. I feel very strongly about Disney Princesses in general, and as this is my blog, I would like to share those strong feelings. Feel free to ignore them, or even deign to agree with me.


  1. Whether or not it is meant to be... This. Is. Hilarious. And that is a compliment. I've never before met someone who could take such a philosophical point of view on fairy tales. You, my friend, are delightfully unique. <3

  2. I've been told that they're making a Snow White movie, proabably somewhat similar to the Little Red Riding Hood movie that came out not to long ago. Cool right? Wrong. Kristen Stewart is Snow White. -.- Which pretty much proves your theory about Snow White having no personality is accurate...

  3. Did you finish your re-write?? If so, could you please, please post it?? I'm addicted to Snow White, and I'd love to read someone else's version of it. C:

  4. I checked and the prince does in fact have a name......Disney named him Prince Ferdinand!

  5. Really? I had no idea!

    I'll be working on it this summer, so we'll see :)

  6. cuter than a buttin.( but not the easy button!)!)!)June 16, 2012 at 11:20 PM

    I hope in your version of snow white, she has more than one outfit.0_0 also,it would be awesome if she was nine so she could wine. BD. <- nerdy face!