Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lovers who Fight For

You always hear people saying, "Are you a lover or a fighter?" Well, that's a complex question, when you get down to it. Here's some research on the subject:

Listed below are some characteristics of Lovers:
  • They hug you when you see them
  • They say sweet things like: “you look handsome/beautiful”
  • They are calm and relaxed: they enjoy making others feel happy
  • They are not easily upset: they do not like confrontation
  • They are happy most of the time: they do not let discouragement show
Listed below are some characteristics of Fighters:
  • They are usually grouchy: they snap back easily
  • They are easily excitable: they are anxious
  • They find it difficult to compliment: they do not readily recognize beauty
  • They do not like being touched: they keep their distance
  • They fuss and complain the most: they cannot wait to tell someone off
Both these individuals were born with purpose, and possess within themselves the power to be the best they can be. Each of us has strengths and weaknesses. Let us capitalize on our strengths no matter who we are.  Source

Definition of LOVER

a: a person in love; especially: a man in love with a woman bplural: two persons in love with each other
: an affectionate or benevolent friend

Definition of FIGHTER

: one that fights: as a (1): warrior, soldier (2): a pugnacious or game individual (3): 1boxer 1 b: an airplane of high speed and maneuverability with armament designed to destroy enemy aircraft 
Well, from THAT, I can conclude that the lover/fighter thing is about whether you are a good-natured, caring person, or a pugnacious, spirited person who is less interested in physical affection.
But such a sweeping generalization needs a large grain (or 1,000) of salt.
To begin with, I am more of a lover than a fighter. (Those who know me are loudly going, "DUH!") But I also frequently exhibit the 'characteristics' of a fighter. For instance, I do often snap back at people, I can be very excitable and I am often worried, and I am fussy. I'm sure there are people out there who are almost entirely a lover or a fighter, but I'm just not one of them.
(I am now mentally deducing who is a lover and who is a fighter amongst my friends and family...mwahahaha....)
But anyway, the point of this post with neither to bare my soul or semi-evilly label friends and family. I try to discourage such things on my blog (...usually...).
The point is that the world needs people who aren't only lovers or only fighters...the world needs lovers who fight. Just look at people like Martin Luther King Jr. and Mother Teresa, who both did amazing things for people in desperate need for help. They could never have done those things if they had not fought for them, and yet they fought with great love. They fought for what they wanted to see by being what they wanted to see.
In the worlds of Ralph Waldo Emerson, 'Nothing was ever achieved without enthusiasm.'
Lovers are enthusiastic, but fighters have stamina.
So, lovers and fighters alike, and all of us somewhere in between...let us love to fight, and fight to love.

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  1. I agree with what you said about having the characteristics of a lover and a fighter. I don't like generalizations but I love your analyses of them :)