Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On my mind...

Today I did history and algebra, which means today was kind of lousy, which means this post will have nothing to do with education (nothing direct or purposeful, anyway), and it will be about something that I would RATHER have been doing when I was sitting there growing more and more irritated with Julian and Valens, or almost broke down crying because of my incompetence at division.

I was thinking about a book idea I kind of dismissed a little while ago, but came back at me with roaring vengeance while I was trying to concentrate on schoolwork (which is when all great inspiration likes to hit).

It involves....

A Lion (an awesome one...Narnia/Aslan type lion.)

A small, impetuous Frog (if frogs CAN be impetuous)

Certainly a Rose Petal or two...

Maybe Watermelons, but only because they're so darn good (I could probably eat a whole one...)

But most of all, it's about a Girl, who goes into the Forest she's most afraid of to rescue the person she loves the most.

I shall begin work on this idea as soon as possible, because its a) based on a very little-known Grimm Fairy Tale (which I won't bother to tell you because you CAN'T actually find it online anyway because it's an omitted tale, and it gives me this sick sense of satisfaction), b) totally original, and c) well...just darn awesome!

Working Titles range everywhere from just using the name of the original tale to Tabitha (which I considered for the girls name) or something that involves the name of the missing person, her older brother (working name for him was Toby, but all that is subject to change).

So. That's what I'm thinking about to ignore school.


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  1. When I am looking to distract myself, I think about my future and, as weird as this sounds, what my future would look like if I were to marry whomever I might be thinking about. It's pretty entertaining and has gotten be through many a boring class :) And if I'm not thinking about that, I'm marching drill charts in my head. Go band geeks!